Stargate Crewing Agency Romania
represents one of the leading crew manning&recruiting agencies in Romania.

Generally speaking,, the Romanian maritime personnel it's appreciated world-wide and there's a great interest in maritime and inland qualified personnel as well as in hospitality personnel due to their already proven professionalism to handle most complex duties and of course, due to their outstanding behaviour among other foreign people.
The entire staff of Stargate Crewing Agency it's all the time to your complete disposal in order to provide for you our best services and to fulfill with promptness &anmp; efficiency all your Romanian & other Eastern European personnel queries.
Our crewing company has teams of experienced Officers, Engineers and Rating with an international reputation, their knowledge and skills are regulary updated by participation in equipments trials and emergency exercises.
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Quality management

As a recognizance of our commitment towards the highest Quality Standards, "Stargate Crewing Agency." achieved the ISO 9001:2008 Certification for "Crew Management Services for ocean going vessels", certification being issued by reputable "Bureau Veritas Certification". Check details about agency's management system

Why Romanian crew?

STARGATE CREWING AGENCY provides all its clients with skilled Maritime Officers and Ratings from Romania with outstanding conduct and behaviour aboard, with appreciated previous experience on most sophysticated type of merchant vessels starting with bulk carriers, containers, tankers, lpg/lng, ro-ro & ferries, passengers, cargoes, cement, tug boats and others. All those interested in achieving qualified Maritime Crews for their fleet, please do not hesitate to ask for more details in this respect and we’ll provide you with a full proposal for crew management or crew manning – recruitment only.
Romanian Crew Advantage
Accordingly with latest events in shipping industry and all the rules and regulations, there are few major items to follow by all Ship Owners or Disponent Owners.
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